Cut the Chaos Consult - $250

Click on a date and time to book your 60 minute meeting with Anna.

NOTE: The 15 min increments are just for starting time options. The call is one hour.

There will be time slots showing available but aren’t a full hour so you won’t be able to book a time.

Keep scrolling through (typically 2 weeks out) to find time slots for one hour. It will highlight the whole time slot in blue when you’re finding a time for a full hour.

When you have your zoom meeting, be sure to find a quiet place, free of distractions, with a good internet connection, and a place to take notes.

Please double check that you are in Pacific Time Zone when you book a time.

If you are calling from outside the US, please use the following zoom line in the confirmation email.

You’ll be sent an invoice for $250 once you book a time and complete the short survey afterwards to maximize our call time.

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